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Friday, June 10, 2011

Answered prayers

When you ask God to answer a prayer just remember He will more than likely NOT answer it the way you expect Him too or want Him too. Three days ago...
Everything seemed to come crumbling down. All of this on top of the fact that my husband was leaving for Afghanistan today. 

First we get news that we are not going to be receiving food benefits from the state, then my ex husband calls me to start his usual junk, trying to get out of his responsibilities by being sneaky and after some investigation the truth comes out, he’s lost his job, moving out of Nevada and will not be paying child support…again at least until he finds another job (yeah right!). Well my personal and exhausting experience with my ex husband is that I have to drag him to court repeatedly (hard to do out of state) in order for him to do the right thing. So now we are out of more income. Then, and this takes the cake, we find out through the grape vine that my husband’s older children have been removed from their home in Vegas by CPS (Child protective services) due to their living conditions. This is funny too because my husband has been trying to get CPS to do their job for months now. Did CPS contact my husband, nope. His children are in the temporary custody of their mother’s mom. So now and with resistance from his ex’s family, my husband and I have spent the last three days running around like monkeys on crack getting legal documents in order so we can pursue full custody of his children. That of course means telephonic court hearings for my husband in Afghanistan and lots and lots of work added to my plate here. I love his children like my own and I know that they need to be here in order to be properly taken care of, but this is a very hard situation. I expect, but am praying against a hardened heart on their part, I want them to understand how much we care about them, but they have been seriously brain washed against us. This also means that they will be living with just me and my children until my husband returns and I do not want to be thought of as the evil step mom, I just want to help and nurture them, but I am not a fool.

So instead of loving on each other and spending quality time with each other until my husband left today, we maybe had two hours of real him and me time and I won’t see him again until his two week R & R in November or December.

I am blessed!!!!
Yes, I said it, I may not be the happiest camper right now and may have more stress than that of five Wall Street brokers, but I am blessed! You see, God has answered my prayers. His children are finally out of that so called house and even though it’s going to be a process, it will be okay. We didn’t have the money for any of this and through hours of paper work and Army finance meetings, we got approved for an emergency loan from the Army to take care of the matters at hand including a voucher to fix my A/C (PRAISE JESUS) in my faithful hoopty ride which should be fixed by Wednesday at the latest. So you see, in my storm and unclear tides, God threw me a huge life preserver…again! God is good and I know that will never change. Yes, I’m behind in school and this means I’ll have to go through housing to get a bigger house for the children and a couple of months of extra running around and preparation, but I know my God Carries us! I’m a wreck, a true to life, desperately in love and in need of God, clinging to my cross Christian, but my God loves me and holds me and I know He will NEVER let me go.

I go to legal on Tuesday, please pray for us, for this and my husband’s continuous protection, wisdom, salvation and prosperity. I’m so glad I have brothers and sisters in Christ I can be this honest with, God bless and keep your heads up. This is just a small testimony to the UNCONDITIONAL LOVE God has shown me, but believe me when I tell you; He is MORE than able to do the same for you too!

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  1. Mrs. Elizabeth (Jan) I want to wish you a most GOD BLESS Happiness. You are a good person for leaving the Industry.....God Bless

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