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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Memoir: Attendance drops at 2009 AEE / AVN

Attendance drops at Adult Entertainment Expo
Isn’t God good!!!! 

 As most of you know I help Shelley Lubben and The Pink Cross go into as many adult conventions as we can to reach out to porn stars and to porn fans, but the biggest adult convention we have been to so far was the AVN held in Las Vegas January 9th through the 11th   2009. Going into these conventions always breaks my heart because I get to relive all the horror stories that most of the girls in the industry are facing and because of the oblivious fans who think that buying the videos, magazines or even paying these women for sex on the side, really helps them and not hurts them.

Taken from an article written by Laurence Lerman, Sean Devlin an AEE spokesman was quoted as saying this; “We are just like every other tradeshow in that we are experiencing the same market forces that they are.” So is that true, are they really like any other market???? My answer is no!! The adult industry is a billion dollar industry and yet all of the sudden they can’t seem to make their quota?? Is this the affects of the economy or is it God? My answer is God. You see adult videos and other adult paraphernalia for most is an addiction and the last time I checked people will do anything to keep their addictions going, even at the risk of themselves or others around them. So why the lack of attendance, why are the numbers dwindling not only at the conventions, but adult sales in general?? Education and intervention!! 

The Pink Cross was founded in 2008 and has grown tremendously since then, if there were no need for the foundations’ cause why would it be growing, why would people be so responsive to the materials we hand out? When I talked to people at the conventions I would say that at least 90% of them had no clue about what goes on behind the scenes or about all of the possible STDs you can catch and spread and how you can do it nor do the porn stars even realize they have rights as an independent contractor. When The Pink Cross steps in to share our stories, to reach out in love, to educate and inform, we then open the door for God to change lives and he has in a major way! Take a look at what God is doing through us, go to The Pink Cross blog and read how Nadia Styles left the adult industry and was helping the foundation at this years AVN, read the other stories from former adult stars and strippers, God is moving in a mighty way! 

Take a look at some other quotes from the same article written by Mr. Lerman
“I know the numbers are down, but it looks the same to me,” said John Stagliano “My impression is that DVD sales are down across the board.”

Jeff Thill, director of video operations for Hustler Video Group, agreed that activity on the show floor was noticeably lower from the previous year. -
“Traffic is definitely down from last year. As you walk to the back end of the floor, it does seem to be a bit dead,” he said.

And the quote to end all quotes, one that brings a smile to my face and joy in my spirit is from Larry Flynt himself “We have a solution, and it’s called bankruptcy.”

I’m no one to receive joy from other people’s pain and this is not about that at all, the adult industry brings enough suffering to people. What this is about is helping people realize that they are destined for more, that selling their bodies is NOT an easy way out of financial distress and that intimacy with one person is the most fulfilling experience emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically. That polluting their minds with a false sense of sexuality will only further separate them from ever having a real intimate encounter. My hope and adamant prayer for 2009 is that the adult industry will completely dissolve and that the producers, stars and fans who were apart of it will find God, peace, joy, real intimacy and prosperity by maintaining a real career. 

Jan E. Meza

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